Your IP address is

What Is this?

This service reports your IP address and other information about your request.

Visit or fetch https://whoami.oya.to/ to receive the information as a JSON document.

This service is made available for use in debugging requests to oya.to domains but.

You're welcome to use it for any purpose in accordance with our Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy.


Fetch all available info as a JSON object

$ curl https://whoami.oya.to/
  # more info about the service
  "about": "https://whoami.oya.to/about",

  # Your ip address.
  "ip": "",

  # The page your came from, if known.
  "referer": "",

  # The reverse dns hostnames associated with your ip.
  "reverse-ip": [

  # Whether or not your ip is a Tor exit node.
  "tor-exit": false,

  # The URL that generated this response.
  "url": "https://whoami.oya.to/",

  # Your user-agent.
  "useragent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0",

  # Your browser language code
  "language-code": "en-GB",

Fetch specific fields, e.g. ip,reverse-ip

$ curl https://whoami.oya.to/ip,tor-exit
  "ip": "",
  "tor-exit": false,

Respond with status 412 if one or more field's value doesn't match

$ curl --fail --silent https://whoami.oya.to/tor-exit=true,ip=
  "ip": "",
  "tor-exit": false,